4 easy things to do to get your eCommerce website ready for Black Friday


What’s the story behind Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the U.S. it’s been celebrated as the beginning of Christmas shopping, where stores offer a lot of discounts, it goes without saying sales sky-rocket during that period.

Today we have what we call a Cyber Week, where it’s Black Friday every day of the week, it was created by retailers to encourage customers to shop online.

Black Friday being celebrated in physical stores, even though it was very profitable, had many obstacles. On top of that list is traffic, where many people would jam the stores and sometimes end up not even finding the item they’re looking for among the crowd and many other lost opportunities of that sort.

Online services bypass all these obstacles by simply bringing their products to the comfort of their customers’ homes, which allowed the existence of the “Cyber Week” that witnessed many groundbreaking records in sales in the past couple of years.

We’ve gathered some major points on how to best prepare for this coming “Cyber Week”, Check them out below:


Plan ahead and make a noise!

Prepare all products you want to be on discount with the exact percentages, and start planning your campaign on social media with highlighted discounts and attractive image designs to suit the Black Friday occasion ,make sure to use a catchy caption, short call to action with a discount or offer percentage on Instagram as it tends to sell the most, and don’t forget using hashtags.

Start planning your eCommerce website to suit the occasion, add a banner on your website homepage that reflects the black Friday with the main discount percentage, promote your products to be on the homepage and make sure to have all categories and variety of products available on the homepage as well, all for easy access to your customers and a guaranteed fast shopping experience and also up-selling opportunities through making variable products from multiple categories available on the homepage.

Again, you want your audience to not only like your advertisements, but also share it among friends and loved ones, so always use colorful and trendy visual demonstrations, Holiday-themed banners, memorable catch-phrases… all these are powerful tools that should be utilized during this occasion to ensure the best outcome.


Mobile Optimization/Responsiveness

People tend to browse/shop more using their mobile phones, especially when they’re shopping for cheap deals and discounts that may be sold out soon, seeing how accessible and user-friendly mobiles are, so if you do not have a mobile application of your online store yet, you should consider adding that to your list.

If you already do, then definitely make some preparations and make sure that it is fully optimized, user-friendly for the Black Friday occasion and glitch-free.


Email Marketing

One of the easiest methods to access repeated and loyal customers is sending them Newsletters with your latest offers and news, they’re easy to design and you will only need to add a few words with your discount and share the shopping link with your audience, Newsletters are easy to measure and your customers can easily share it with their friends and connections.

Email Marketing is easy, fast, effective and cheap.


Supply and demand

With huge demand, you’re going to need a bigger supply, make sure to stock up on all of your products, always expect that demand may overcome your supply so always make sure that you have an extra supply on your highly demanded products.




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