How to nudge Customers to Make a Purchase from your online store?

Once you launch your online store, implement your plans, your work is far from over. But it starts!

It’s time for advertising and attracting customers in order to achieve your planned ROI. You won’t succeed unless you can attract shoppers to your online store.

Of course, getting users of an online store can be difficult and time-consuming. If you are trying to learn the next steps to increase customer acquisition, you have to follow some tried and true methods of inspiring shoppers to buy. Here are effective ways to get your customers to buy:


1-Vary your shipping options.

Customers consider free shipping as a chance that will never come again and this encourages them to make buying decisions within seconds, so when shipping charges are added, they feel like they are overcharged or the advertised price is dishonest. Or, they may think the additional fees may exceed their budget.

On the other hand, some customers may want to pay more to get their product instantly. In addition to the free shipping option, consider including express shipping for an added cost. As needs differ and have no standards, so provide both quick and free options, customers can choose the most fitting for their specific needs.


2-Run promotions and  Set up coupons

If you want a quick increase in traffic to your website, now is the time to start promoting. It is a tried and true technique that marketers always use and always work on.

  • First purchase discounts. First purchase discounts: you must encourage customers to give their first chance to your store, and then during the journey offer the best customer experience to make them act as your brand advocates. And this can buy pop-up coupons for the first purchase.
  • Special occasion offers. Remembering important dates of your customers gives them the feeling that you pay attention and appreciate their choice to shop from your online store, as you treated every one of them as your only customer. This method can be implemented at birthdays, customer anniversaries, purchase milestones, and holidays.
  • Minimum purchase discounts. Offer free shipping for purchases over a specified amount or offer a discount when purchasing certain products at the same time. They are frequently used to incentivize customers who might have planned to make a purchase anyway to spend more in exchange for a better deal.

3-Use email marketing to always be engaged.

In a world where competition over price has become the norm, the ability to directly contact customers to encourage them to buy is more important than ever.

You can use it as a reminder by reminding your customers of the items they have left in their shopping carts by sending automated emails. Include a link directly to their cart so that they can complete the payment instantly and use different offers in each email to encourage them back to your store.

You can make it as follows, Your first email might be a nice reminder; The second might have a 10% off, and the third might include a free gift. Try different combinations to see what works best for your shoppers.

4-Show product reviews and social proof

Studies proved that 93% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a product. Adding comments to your product pages and highlighting them in your marketing plans can be an effective trick to nudge shoppers to buy.

Give shoppers a more detailed experience by allowing reviewers to attach photos and videos of your products. The more details you give to your prospective customers, the more informed the potential customers will be, which increases the chances of them making a purchase. 

5-offer free gifts as much as you can.

The ever-winning weapon is that people love free stuff, and the more you give for free, the more likely your potential customers will recognize you and your brand, which can lead to more sales online.

Giving things away for free is not only a great way to improve people’s awareness of your business, but it is also a great way to introduce them to your core products and entice them to buy more.

6-Create a sense of rarity.

The idea that a deal or product is only available for a certain period of time adds pressure to a shopper to buy now or miss an opportunity that will never be repeated. Therefore, time-limited offers and low stock ads are good ways to convince shoppers to buy now rather than wait.

Of course, there are many more ways to bring more customers to your online store and increase your sales. But these are just examples of how to nudge more customers and build a good customer experience impression.

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