How to offer Good customer service as an online business?

Two people walk into a business. Who becomes a customer? Who becomes a repeated customer?

The core step to having a successful online business is Good customer service which can open a lot of doors for you, your role is to always be updated with tips and resources to reap all the benefits. And here are some of them.

As we say, the most essential point for your growth is customer experience.

So, What are the things that you can do to offer incredible experiences for your customers? Here we go,

Tip #1: Be available in the ways customers can reach you by.

First of all, you must have a multichannel customer-service strategy; one of the easiest ways to enhance your customer experience is to provide customers with their preferred choice of customer support method. 

Tip #2: Social Media Listening

As you can imagine, this is a highly valued way to get accurate insights into what your audience is thinking about your products, brand, and customer experience. 

And about how to do that, the market is full of social media listening tools like Hootsuite social media monitoring.

keep in your mind that customers will extremely value brand interactions on social media, And these stats assure that;

  • 83%of customers like it when brands respond to their inquiries on social media.
  • 68% appreciate it when brands engage with them.
  • 48% of customers buy from brands that are responding on social media


Use social listening to interact with your audience: With social listening tools, you can reach people who may not be on your radar; the same as people who haven’t purchased from you yet.

Tip #3: Respond to Comments & Direct Messages

You must respond to almost all direct messages and comments, Failure to respond to these kinds of customer interactions delivers to your audience that you’re not listening or willing to help them.

Answering your social media inquiries ensures that your brand personality appears. Besides, you must be friendly and approachable, as this is essential to building a strong relationship with prospective customers.

Tip #4: Follow customers through the entire buying process

Your customers are still yours even after making a purchase from you – so don’t forget about them. Instead, keep them on your radar, track them and track the market through, and continue providing excellent customer service after the purchase.

It’s not just automated email workflows that you can use to interact with your audience – there are other things you can do to attract and retain shoppers throughout the buying process.



We are all human, this means mistakes will happen at one point or another – and your brand will not be an exception.

But, it’s not necessarily the bugs that always leave a lasting imprint – rather, it’s the way you deal with them. When things go wrong, keep it right. Always the first thing to do is to apologize.

Next, you will then need to analyze what went wrong so that you can do your best to correct the situation.


Reward loyal customers. The relationship between you and your audience is a two-way relationship, so when customers show their dedication, you should always show your appreciation.


In the end, We hope you now have some ideas on how to get started providing insanely good customer service. We zVendooffer you a full e-commerce platform to help you offer insanely good customer service.

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