Key essentials to developing a sales strategy for your eCommerce business

If you have started your business, and you’re providing a great product and service however your sales are not increasing or you’re having difficulties approaching the right customers, that’s completely normal and in fact, a lot of startups have been in that situation before, therefore, sales strategies started by businessmen who have fallen in these situations learned from other peoples experiences and developed a few steps and guidelines to follow in order to increase revenue, so here are some Key essentials to boosting your online business sales:


1. Customers buy your products and request your services for a reason

You need to know that your customers buy your products and request your services for a reason, they must benefit from it in one form or another, Start your process of identifying your ideal customer by making a list of all of the benefits that your customer will gain by using your services, define your unique selling proposition and start imagining the perfect candidate for your service, What does my product provide? What is the ideal customer for it? Who wants your product? What are the characteristics of your customer? these questions are crucial and need to be answered before you develop your sales strategy and define your target audience.

Information such as age, gender, and whether they have kids or not, the amount of money they make could be useful in knowing which service they could be looking for.

2. Develop Your Competitive Advantage

Where you stand in the market defines your competitive advantage, the reason for buying your products or services, in terms of the benefits, results or outcomes that your customer will enjoy from purchasing your product or service that they would not fully enjoy from purchasing the product or service of your competitor. Focus on the benefits of what makes your product better than others and show that in your marketing activities.

3. Using the internet and social media to your advantage

What is Digital Marketing and why is it important for your business?
It’s the marketing of products or services using digital technology on the internet through multiple different digital mediums such as the internet or mobile applications or display advertisements.

It’s a way to promote your brand online most businesses have a specific audience they are trying to reach and digital marketing aims to help reach these targeted consumers.

And with digital marketing, you will be able to interact with your audience and learn exactly what they are looking for and also the ability to serve and reach your customers globally, you will also save money and reach more customers for less money than traditional marketing methods, and most importantly you will have the chance to know your audience and allow them to know you personally which can help to create brand loyalty.

And with that it allows small business owners to compete in the market with a much smaller advertising budget if done properly it can provide laser-focused control over how and where to spend their budget.


4. Pick The Right Price

Do market research on your competitors to determine the right price, if you have a high-priced product, be prepared to over-deliver quality to your customers, price can be determined by the “perceived value” of your product, if you can make your product seem superior to your competitors, you can charge a higher price, it all depends on the quality and the demand, so always be rational and resourceful before you set your prices.

5. Set a realistic goal

You always need to aim high regarding your sales target but also you need to be realistic about it, setting a high target can seem irrational sometimes and will cause major disappointment and sometimes delay on getting back to track if you don’t achieve it, but setting a low target also will cause major delay in progress, so always be balanced regarding your target, set a realistic target and if you don’t reach it this month or quarter, you will definitely reach it the next one as long as you are keeping up a well-organized sales strategy and marketing plan.



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