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    Please familiarize yourself with the standards for requesting and offering comments below to ensure a positive, quality experience for everyone who uses this discussion board. Please leave a comment if you have any queries!

    Asking for a Feedback

    A few items to consider while submitting your feedback request post are given below:
    1. Use a descriptive subject line, such as “looking for feedback on my new shop.”
    2. Did you provide the URL to your store?
    3. Is your store easily accessible? If not, please share a preview link!
    4. Do you want to get feedback on a specific area or feature?
    5. What recent changes have you made? What do you want to change?
    6. Follow up and interact with people of the community to solicit feedback!

    When you first start out, you should post several times, but try to address previous feedback before seeking more.

    Posting a Feedback

    In addition, zVendo team will do its best to delete articles that don’t provide much value or are repetitive. Any posts we’ve missed can be reported as inappropriate content.

    A three-dot icon can be found above right corner of each post. Click on that icon and select Report Inappropriate Content. The community staff will then take action.

    This is the place to ask questions on how to use this discussion board.

    Giving Feedback

    The first guideline of offering feedback is to give feedback!

    Promotional/Contact Me replies that offer extremely general advice are prohibited by our Code of Conduct and will be deleted.

    Replies containing general bullet points, such as ‘Improve your SEO, start advertising,’ for instance, do not provide much value and may be deleted because most people perceive these sorts of answers to be spam. Will also be removed are those that don’t provide feedback, but simply a link to another website where you may ask for feedback

    When replying, use your signature instead of adding advertising places to your message.

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